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Guangdong Mlingliu Ceramic Co., Ltd. was founded in 1995, is a production and sales of bathroom business. With the development of enterprises, the company in 2004 to attract foreign investment and advanced technology and equipment, a joint venture. The company now has a ceramics factory, mold factory, porcelain clay factory, bathroom cabinet factory, plant area of 10 thousand square meters, more than 1,000 employees.

   Mingliu  trademark registration in 1996, started to create the brand as the goal, set a good corporate image, brand promotion through many times the establishment of a comprehensive brand operating system, combined with the brand in 2009 to upgrade again, so that products with celebrities Greater market advantage.

   Mingliu to "famous style and top quality"brand philosophy, "Quality is the life, the customer is our boss " for the purpose. Companies with innovative management, strict quality requirements, high-quality sales network, meticulous service, demonstrated group-lun, won wide praise in the market. The company leadership to the development of long-term vision, the development of active integration in the international arena management, complementary advantages, to manage and promote the production, management and raising efficiency.

   Fashion, art, personality is a product of the pursuit of each, in the interpretation of the designer, the avant-garde, fashion design style and elegant design expressed, emphasizing the perfect combination of products and bathroom, bathroom and create a more comfortable space.